We are a group of independent professionals, with a total of over 120 years of managerial, financial and commercial experience. We work with passion to create a futuristic project in the new world of cryptocurrencies, with the objective to overcome the limitations that lead to yet be unreachable from the masses of consumers.

Our guiding values are focused on sharing, growth, equity and transparency: we want for ourselves and our children a fairer world where to live with real benefits brought by innovation



We have been operating for over three years in close contact with the international community of financial and technical experts – in particular in the Eastern Europe – of the world of alternative currencies. With their unvaluable help we created a new formula that exceeds limits of criptovalute that continue to be unreachable for over 99% of the world’s population.

Bit Coin success shows, moreover, that the whole world today requires a concrete and real alternative to traditional methods of payment, always subject to Government by the few in favor of very few.



We want to leverage our expertise and help from those who believe in our mission, to bring a turnaround improvement in the economic life of many people, all over the world. We envision today the moment where we’ll bring equity and well-being among those who for too long suffered helplessly and only today have the ability to enforce their rights. Economic rights, first and foremost.