DT Coin is a virtual currency that for the first time will offer guarantees that no other virtual currency has ever given.

DT Coin are the result of a thorough study of the astonishing success of virtual currency Bit Coin, raising from initial 0,1 cent at the time of onset in 2009 to over 850$ each one nowadays.



This currency is generated using a proprietary algorithm developed on central servers located in Dubai where you can buy a portion (HWP) in purchasing network; the portion of servers purchased with your participation in the group, entitles you to extract new DT Coin for a certain value in euro at the current exchange rate.

To avoid inflation of the currency with new issues, the algorithm is designed to issue 10 billion DT Coin ensuring availability for all investors without the risk of new issues that would undervalue it the coin in addition to providing greater ease of mining.



DT Coin is virtual currency but supported by a real value, the most valuable investment and safe goods on the world market: diamonds.

Diamond Temple was created as Buying Group of investment diamonds thanks to a sustainable system of income for all participants in the group. In the same way diamonds will be acquired trough the sale of HWP, in direct proportion, giving substance and value to DT Coin.

The greater the number of DT Coin, the larger the diamond reserve extracts as the underlying value of the currency. Similarly the US Federal Reserve – before dematerialization -issued currency based on its gold reserves.