With very significant difference with all other virtual currencies, each DT Coin has par value in certified Diamonds, with a 1:1 ratio at nominal value of 0.05 euro per DT Coin.

Diamonds designed to add value and substance to DT Coin are evaluated according to the official list used on the New York Stock Exchange for the trades of the same – price Rapaport.

Choice of diamonds means, historically, to have a value that has grown over time to a higher rate of inflation.

Diamonds will therefore be purchased in proportion to  mined DTCoins to ensure the issue value plus the reevaluation of the diamond that will be added to the value of DT Coin.

Possibility to use
as real money

To make redeemable each DT Coin we have created a “bridge” of the exchange rate with the euro: the DT Value.

The DT VALUE is always equal to 1 euro and the number of DT Coin needed to form a DT VALUE varies according to growth of DT COIN value. The «bridge» exchange ratio is necessary because the DT Coin value varies over time.

To better understand: at the time of issuance, the DT Coin is valued nominally at 0.05 euro and therefore 20 DT Coin are needed to form a 1 euro DT Value;

Example: When the value of DT Coin arrives at 0.08 euro, you will need 12.5 DT Coins to create a 1 euro DT Value; when DT Coin arrives at the value of 0.12 euro Coin will be needed 8.33 DT to form a DT Value….and same way for all different values

Therefore  DT VALUE represents the euro withdrawal or credit redeemable for other options provided, including the ability to shop in over 4000 stores and over 450 shops on line where to get cash back from your purchases as an added benefit and savings.